Cyclists all over the UK contribute to Collideoscope’s database of cycling incidents and near misses. You can use the filters on this page to explore the data for the whole UK, a specific area, or a particular time range. And you can download the data currently on view as a CSV, for your own use.

Just bear in mind, Collideoscope relies on user-submitted reports, so you shouldn’t use it to compare the absolute safety of different areas.

100,105 incidents reported

Download the data on this page

Grab a CSV of all the reports matching the filters you’ve set at the top of this page, suitable for analysis in applications like Excel or Fusion Tables.

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Reports by severity

Miss 1801
Slight 80126
Serious 17611
Fatal 567

Reports by transport mode

Bicycle 3707
Bus 1324
Car 60996
Generic 47
HGV 1737
Horse 12
Minibus 156
Motor vehicle 657
Motorbike 1326
Motorcycle 18
Other 294
Pedestrian 1871
Taxi 2902
Tram 6
Unknown 19751
Van 5301