The journey so far

mySociety created Collideoscope, with the support of ITP, in 2014, as a site for collecting reports of both cycling incidents and near misses, in order to present a clearer picture of cycle safety in the UK.

In 2018, further support from the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership enabled mySociety to conduct a renewed user-centred design excercise on Collideoscope, looking into how the site could better support the processes of council safety teams, local police forces, and cycling campaign groups. It was this research which resulted in the more detailed Statistics page, police boundary data, and simplified reporting form, as well as a host of other improvements across the site.

Our roadmap

Our research suggested a number of additional avenues for Collideoscope development, including a “heatmap” view of safety along roads and at junctions, a native mobile app, and smoother integration with police reporting systems.

If you would like to see these features implemented, get in touch about becoming a Collideoscope sponsor, below.

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